Jalapeno Early

Quantity of seeds: 15
Scoville Units: 2500 ~ 8000

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This species is similar to the 'normal' Jalapeno, but as its name suggests, the Early Jalapeno ripens faster than other Jalapeno varieties. In general it takes 1 to 2 weeks less to be ripe. The Jalapeno is one of the most famous chili peppers. Most Jalapenos are mild, but there are much hotter species. This chili is named after the Mexican city of Jalapa. In Mexico, they call the Jalapeno a Cuaresmenos. The thick fruitwall is difficult to dry and so they are, when ripe, often dried and smoked over hardwood. This product is called chipotle. The jalapeno has a unique flavor. The commercially grown jalapeno is often canned or pickled. The jalapenos can be used fresh in salsas or cut into rings for nachos and is also delicious in soups, stews and pizza. They are often stuffed with meat or cheese. When in a green state the Jalapeno is good to eat and will be a little sweeter when they are red. Perfect chili pepper for your kitchen!

Species: Capsicum Annuum

Name: Jalapeno Early

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