Bulgarian Carrot

Quantity of seeds: 10
Scoville Units: 12.000 ~ 30.000  

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The Bulgarian Carrot is an unusual European pepper and also known as the "Shipkas”. It is an heirloom variety. It is said that this attractive plant, that gets white flowers, was smuggled from outside the Iron Curtain in the cold war. The plants are about 60 cm high and are ideal for pods. They grow quickly and are suitable for cooler climates. Many, up to 10 cm carrot-look-alike peppers, can grow on the plant. These hot peppers start with a green color, followed by yellow and end up orange. After repotting the seedlings it takes about 65 to 75 days until they get peppers. The peppers are crispy and suitable for salsas, chili jam or marinades.

Species: Capsicum Annuum

Name: Bulgarian Carrot

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