Shabu Shabu

Quantity: 10 seeds
Scoville Units: 644,034

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The Chinese Naga! Shabu Shabu is an extremely hot pepper that grows in the wild in China. The peppers are picked once a year by local farmers to generate additional income. Shabu Shabu comes from the western part of Tengchong in China where it meets Myanmar. The exact origin is unknown. It may originally come from China or Nagaland in India. Another possibility is that the pepper derives from a chili yet to be discovered in Burma. The traditional way for the locals to cook them is to hold the peppers in chopsticks and dip them in the hot cook pot and move them around in a swishing motion. In Japan this method is called Shabu Shabu.

Name: Shabu Shabu

Species: Capsicum Chinense

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