Scotch Bonnet Red

Quantity of seeds: 10

Scoville Units: 150.000 ~ 325.000

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The Scotch Bonnet (Bahamian, Bahama Mama, Jamaican Hot or Martinique Pepper) is a very hot pepper, closely related to the Habanero and has about the same heat levels. The pods have almost the same size of a Habanero, about 2.5 cm wide and 4 cm long. The shape is different and resembles a Scot’s Bonnet, hence the name. This pepper mainly grows in the Caribbean and is widely cultivated in Jamaica. The Scotch Bonnet is very important in the Jamaican cuisine and the Cayman Islands, but also in the recipes of other Caribbean islands. The taste is slightly different from its Habanero cousin. That’s why Jamaican Jerk and other Caribbean dishes have a unique taste. Jerk is a way of cooking that is originated in Jamaica. Meat is rubbed with a very sharp spice mixture called Jamaican Jerk Spice. Scotch Bonnet is one of the ingredients.

Red variety

Soort: Capsicum Chinense

Naam: Scotch Bonnet Red

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