PI 441654

Quantity of seeds: 10
Scoville Units: N/K (very hot)

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A wild variety of the species Capsicum Praetermissum. This rare pepper originally comes from the jungles of Brazil. A prolific variety that gets bigger pods than a regular Praetermissum variety. The plant can grow 1.80 meters tall in its first season and can get hundreds of small peppers. The pods mature from green to red. The plant gets stunning flowers.

PI number.

A PI (Plant Introduction) number is a serial number given to a plant. PI 1 was given to a plant in 1898. With this serial number a collection of plant seeds and their genetics are created that can help improving the quality and productivity of plants and to preserve the genetic diversity of plants.

Name: PI 441654

Species: Capsicum Praetermissum


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