NuMex Joe E. Parker

Quantity of seeds: 15
Scoville Units: 800 ~ 1000

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The Numex Joe E. Parker is an improved version of the New Mexico 6-4 with a higher harvest, a thicker skin and more.... The pods are also longer and are about 15-20 cm long. The plants are about 70 cm high. This large pepper has a medium heat, a high harvest and is ideal for roasting or filling. There are a large number of modern New Mexican (Numex) varieties. They all originate from the New Mexican chili pepper. Modern New Mexican varieties all have a genetic basis, descended from varieties developed in the New Mexico State University. In 1894 Fabian Garcia started to develop an improved version of the New Mexican in order to create a larger pepper with more flesh.

Species: Capsicum anum

Name: Joe E. NuMex Parker

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