1. Spanish dish: Pimientos de Padrón

    Pimientos de Padrón is a delicious chili pepper to cook with. This allround pepper originates from Galicia in Spain. The Pimientos de Padrón is used for tapas. They are often fried in olive oil and sea salt. They color from light green to red during the maturation process. From this pepper it's known that not all are equally hot. Most of them are hot, some have little pungency.

    Pimientos de Padron

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  2. Jalapeño & Pineapple Drumsticks

    This is a recipe from Kay. She's the cooking Dutch girl and she has a fantastic blog about food & photography: Follow her!

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  3. Ancho Chili Sauce

    The Ancho Grande is one of the most popular chilies in Mexico. The Anchos are widely used in Mexican Mole sauces. The peppers have a low pungency and have a strong flavor, with hints of dried plum, coffee, tobacco, licorice and raisins. It gives a sweet, plum-like flavor to dishes. The Ancho Chili Sauce in this video is delicious with meat, pork and chicken dishes. You can use dried Ancho to make this sauce.

    Ancho chili sauce

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