1. Spanish dish: Pimientos de Padrón

    Pimientos de Padrón is a delicious chili pepper to cook with. This allround pepper originates from Galicia in Spain. The Pimientos de Padrón is used for tapas. They are often fried in olive oil and sea salt. They color from light green to red during the maturation process. From this pepper it's known that not all are equally hot. Most of them are hot, some have little pungency.

    Pimientos de Padron

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  2. Jalapeño & Pineapple Drumsticks

    This is a recipe from Kay. She's the cooking Dutch girl and she has a fantastic blog about food & photography: Follow her!

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  3. Overwintering Chili plants

    Chili plants are often kept as annuals. In spring, the seeds are sown and in the autumn the peppers are harvested. At the first signs of the upcoming winter (when temperatures drop below 10 degrees Celsius (in Northern Europe in late October) the plant dies. Its work of producing peppers is over. People are already thinking ahead of the next pepper season. New opportunities, new chances. What will I grow?

    Not everybody knows that the chili plant is actually a perennial plant. When you overwinter them indoors, they can be put outside again the following year.

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  4. Chili peppers and snails

    [No, this is not a chili recipe with snails]

    When you've decided to put your chillies in the open air to enjoy the soothing sun than it is possible that they are attacked by ravenous snails. These molluscs (Molusca) are able to apply significant damage to the crop, within a short time. How can you prevent this?

    Chili peppers and snails

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  5. New hottest chili pepper: Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

    In recent years we’ve seen several new “world’s hottest chili pepper” champions.

    The Red Savina stayed for 12 years on top. Nowadays champions only stay for short periods on top. But defeating the new champion, the Trinidad Scorpion Moruga, will take some time. Or not?

    Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

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  6. Ancho Chili Sauce

    The Ancho Grande is one of the most popular chilies in Mexico. The Anchos are widely used in Mexican Mole sauces. The peppers have a low pungency and have a strong flavor, with hints of dried plum, coffee, tobacco, licorice and raisins. It gives a sweet, plum-like flavor to dishes. The Ancho Chili Sauce in this video is delicious with meat, pork and chicken dishes. You can use dried Ancho to make this sauce.

    Ancho chili sauce

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