Dried Chipotle 50 gr

Chipotles are Jalapenos wich are dried above smoke. They are a key ingredient in Mexican cuisine. The strong, smoky flavor is delicious with meat. Braise some meat in a pan with (sliced) Chipotle for example. Ground chipotles are often combined with other herbs to make a marinade for meat. The pungency is low, about 5000 Scoville Units. Dark rum also gets a very special taste when a few chipotles are preserved in the rum for a period of two months. There are different types of Chipotle Chillies. This is the best, Morita Grade One. The stem is removed. 50 grams

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- Grind to powder.
- Make chili flakes to use in a chili grinder.
- Soak in hot water for 15 minutes and use as fresh chillies.
- Preserve for a period of two months in rum

Scoville Units: 2500 ~8000

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